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  • Since our first call out in May 1991, we have responded to over 650 call outs
  • LaSAR has responded to call outs in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Canada
  • A LaSAR handler is contracted by the FBI to handle cases across the US
  • LaSAR members assisted with the New Orleans Riverwalk disaster
  • LaSAR members worked the Columbia Space Shuttle accident
  • LaSAR members worked for several weeks in Louisiana and Mississippi, helping clear numerous areas after Hurricane Katrina
  • LaSAR search dogs have successfully rescued numerous Alzheimer patients and lost hunters
  • LaSAR search dogs have successfully alerted to the location of many drowning victims. Some located under both water and marsh and under water and sand as well as locating double and triple drowning victims
  • A LaSAR member founded the NSDA

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