treytoddJames "Trey" Todd and K-9 Partner Messi Rue

Trey is an Orthopedist, who joined LaSAR in 2010 with now three year old Messi Rue, a yellow labrador retriever. 

Messi is certified in Live Area (air scent) searches , NOCDS, as well as Human Remains Detection, USPCA. 

Trey is a retired veteran and served in the military as a battalion surgeon with the Marines where search and rescue missions were commonplace. He also volunteered his services in Haiti after the earthquake and supported the Gretna PD after Katrina in New Orleans. Trey is working on Messi's water HRD certification and enjoys giving back to the communities that have nurtured and supported him throughout a lifetime. An avid hunter and fisherman, Trey truly relishes the opportunity to work outside with his teammates for such a worthy cause.

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