wildDee Wild and K-9 Partner Sky

Dee has over 30 years experience training dogs. She co-founded LaSAR in 1989 along with Lisa Higgins and has served as Director of Training since its inception. Dee has responded to over 150 searches across the South and as far away as Canada. She has instructed land cadaver, water recovery, air scenting and tracking/trailing at numerous seminars across the United States.

Dee recently founded the National Search Dog Alliance (NSDA) in March 2007 which is serving as the national organization supporting canine search and rescue. She served as the organizations first President and is currently serving on the Executive Board. NSDA is actively developing and implementing national standards, educational programs, and training conferences all geared toward improving canine search and rescue. NSDA issues a monthly newsletter to over 1,000 canine handlers in the US and abroad. While the organization was initially set up as a national organization, it has quickly become an international organization.

Dee and her K9 partners Sky (currently operational) and former K9 partners Maggie and Spice, have all obtained national certifications in area, land human remains, and water.

Dee is, is an active member of the Federal DMORT Region VI Team, holds a commission with the St. Tammany Fire Protection District No 1, Louisiana Mass Fatalities Taskforce, holds an administrative commission with St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office and served as the NASAR SAR Dog Section Chair for four years. Dee is the recipient of the NASAR 2001 State of Louisiana Award for excellence in canine training and response, and the proliferation of the NASAR SARTECH™ Certification Program in the State of Louisiana. She has authored or co-authored several articles and a book chapter on water search and recovery.

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